The RFID ME (tm) SDK PRO for Windows

The RFID ME SDK is a .Net SDK for use with MTI's RFID ME family of readers (RFID ME USB Dongle, READ ME and coming soon, the RU-861). The SDK comes with demo code in both C# and Visual Basic. The data sheet is here (pdf) and you can download the user's manual as a (PDF)

SDK Version  
Function Basic Pro The SDK allows for :
Read EPC memory   ü ü   ŸŸ Reading of EPC and User memory
Write EPC memory   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Writing of EPC memory
Read user memory*   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Setting of RFID reader parameters
Write user memory*   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Don't worry about how to communicate with a USB
Read user memory w/offset     ü   HID device... it is already embedded!
Write user memory w/offset     ü      Ÿ
Set passwords     ü  
Lock/unlock tag     ü    
Kill tag     ü   Do you need the full development kit (reader, sample
          tags, SDK)? Contact your local MTI distributor
Set other parameters (RU-824)   ü ü   today to get started
Set reader power   ü ü    
Connect to multiple readers     ü   To download the latest version, click here (last
RU-861 support     ü   updated 4 January, 2017).
Price   Free $549    

* Only the first 512bits of user memory can be read or written.

To purchase the fully funcational version (please download demo first) of the developer license, click on the PayPal logo below and send it to Upon confirmation of receipt of payment, an activation code will be sent.

For Panasonic ToughPad support, email us and we will send you the necessary versions.