SDK Version  
Function Basic Pro The Basic SDK allows for :
Read EPC memory   ü ü   ŸŸ Reading of EPC and User memory
Write EPC memory   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Writing of EPC memory
Read user memory*   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Setting of RFID reader parameters
Write user memory*   ü ü   ŸŸŸ Don't worry about how to communicate with a USB
Read user memory w/offset     ü   HID device... it is already embedded!
Write user memory w/offset     ü      Ÿ
Set passwords     ü  
Lock/unlock tag     ü    
Kill tag     ü    
Set other parameters (RU-824)   ü ü    
Set reader power   ü ü    
Connect to multiple readers     ü   To download the latest version, click here (last
RU-861 support     ü   updated 4 January, 2017).
Price   Free $549    

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